The Art Of Hosting Kenya

19th - 21st August 2015, Nairobi

الخيارات الثنائية ضليع في الرياضيات  

How will we collaborate to create safe spaces for healthy conversations amongst communities in Kenya and beyond?
How will we engage all people in shaping the needs of our country?
How will we nourish the culture of citizen engagement and effectively participate in our devolved government? 

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rencontres jeunesse 76 As people who care for the future of Kenya we have a unique opportunity to learn how to host and harvest meaningful conversations as well as learn and practice the art of participatory leadership for the common good of all our communities. In the last few years Kenya has gone though a roller coaster of emotions and changes, which has left us with a need to have difficult conversations.  During this time of uncertainty communities have come together to co create protected spaces where they can revive trust and encourage everyone to listen with an open curious heart.  Art of Hosting provides a unique opportunity to further enhance these existing efforts through creativity and comradeship..... Join us? 

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Some doors open only from inside.
~ Hafiz

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