The Art of Participatory Leadership for Funders

Conveneing your grantee and networks
tools and techniques for facilitating participatory meetings that foster collaboration  

11th May  9.30 - 17.00

Psychosynthesis Trust  London
In collaboraton with the environmental funders network 

How often do you bring your grantees together or wish that you could ?  NGO leaders often comment that funders' convening power and overview of the whole sector are among their strongest assets and that the environmental sector needs more collaboraiotn to be effective.  This one day workshop which is embedded in the Art of Hosting is designed to help funders develop the tools and practices necessary for leading participatory conversations. Meetings that foster collaboration and co creation amongst their grantees, partners and networks. The day will be a combination of teaching, doing and reflecting.  It will be a chance not only to work with the process but to work with your own questions about collaborative funding models.  

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