The Art of Participative Leadership

Villaneuva de la Vera  Spain

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my blog 25th - 27th September 2015 

How do we promote the transformative power of individuals, teams and organisations to build together another world based on collaboration and participation? 

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site de rencontre evry This is a crucial moment to bring about this training in Spain.  Right now we are in the middle of much change, growing social consciousness and a growing desire for real meaningful participation.  At the same time to new emerging paradigm of organisational models and methods of communication means we are looking for flexible, decentralised innovative communication and working practices. The invitation is for those of us feeling the desire to strengthen our positive social transformation work in the world, in our communities projects or organisations.  The art of participative leadership is a practice to learn and discover new ways of collaborating and creating innovative solutions that really respond to the times we are living in. 

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