Art of Hosting new futures in our towns and cities

( south coast ) 

18th - 20th November 2015



What's the new relationship needed now between Citizens and Local Government?  We are living in difficult times of austerity and drastic cuts in services. Many are wanting to re-imagine what their towns and cities could be like as places where local people and communities have a stake and real impact on in its future; where local businesses are supported, local artistic endeavours are celebrated, alternative methods of exchanging goods and services thrive, people are valued for more than their job roles and everyone’s contribution to their community, city or town is valid and valued?  This trainings is about learning some new ways of working together.  Cultivating our personal perseverance and resilience and finding ways to meet the challenges of complexity and rapid change.  It is also an enquiry into how we work with and still challenge those who are in positions of "structural power"


What if we could shift to a higher quality of meaningful collaborative dialogue that could really make a difference?

How can we do this in a meaningful way with real mutual benefit, without legitimizing austerity?

How do we converse and engage with people and systems from very different worldviews, visions and ideas?

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Some doors open only from inside.
~ Hafiz

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