Art of Hosting Israel

How do we navigate through confusion, polarity and fragmentation to design communities and eco - systems of potential, diversity and innovation? 

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22nd - 24th March 2017

Tel Aviv We invite corporate innovators, social entrepreneurs, strategic managers, public sector workers, NGOs, teachers, social workers, community leaders, innovators and activists to come and join us for this three day art of hosting training.  This is a response to living in a time when we realise we are increasingly not going in the right direction.  We are waking up to the severity of the situation.  This is manifesting fears and pain.  Many of us are feeling isolated, hopeless and struggling to keep our optimism.  We are also being invited to step up and innovate new realities, move beyond fears and to meet in our diversity and collective wisdom.  This is a  call for us to be fortified to build community, to collaborate and innovate the new

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Some doors open only from inside.
~ Hafiz

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