The Art Of Hosting Sofia Bulgaria

  rencontres d averroes 2013 2 - 4th June 2017


How do we do more collaborative and meaningful work so that our organisations, projects and communtiies can thrive?  

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godly dating standards There is no time like now.  We are living in an increasingly changing, complex and unpredictable world.  Whilst uncertainty grows, the pressure for immediate results and increasing turnover seems to increase, overwhelming and disconnecting people and compromising the long term sustainability of our collective efforts.  At the same time many of us are feeling the call to do work that makes a difference, work that is meaningful, fulfilling and that we can make a living from.  However stepping into this takes courage and invoves risk.  We have designed this training to offer some new approaches and perspectives on finding and sustaining meaningful work that makes a difference to our communities, our teams our organisations, our country and our planet. 

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Some doors open only from inside.
~ Hafiz

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