AOH Mates "Parceros"

Bogota  Colombia 

12th - 15th October 2017

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site de rencontre pour fitness  The flames were blazing after the first AOH gathering in Brazil.  Its ashes left a legacy, the spirit of revolution that calls us together once again to share, converse, dance eat and celebrate.  Increasingly this complex world which we live in presents us with challenges: the democratic expressions of 2016, the tensions, feelings of division and polarisation.  We are living this revolution how can we dance with it?  We are calling on Art of Hosting mates "parceros" practitioners of all nationalties and those who share the practices and principles of "participatory leadership" and all those motivated to contibute as a community to build paths of change and transformation.  The event is in Spanish, Brazillian and English, we will have volunteeers who serve as whisper translators.   More info and sign up here 

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Some doors open only from inside. ~ Hafiz

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