Art of Hosting Health and Wellbeing in Barrow in Furness 23rd - 15th Febuary 2018

visit this site  We know that in Barrow we face some tough health and equality challenges. What if we brought everyone together to talk about what it means to be healthy and well. What if everyone got inspired to get to grips with our challenges and create the future we would love to see. Join us for the 3rd Art of Hosting training in the Morecambe Bay and Furness Peninsula.  You will learn some practical skills for bringing people togther in ways that help us move from just having conversations about health and wellbeing, to understanding what we might do together and how to build the momentum for the kind of change we would like to see.  You will learn how to create the sorts of meeting spaces where different perspectives and voices can be heard.  The training will be an opporutnity to bring all your questions and explore together the potential for a social movement around health and well being in the area. See more HERE 

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